About Me
Born to very young parents in Carson City, Nevada, she moved to Fountain, Colorado when she was three with her father. Her parents divorced when she was ten, putting her mother in a state of depression that she never recovered from. Shortly after the divorce, her father became an absent father for the remainder of her life. With no sense of stability from her parents, Vycky learned how to become self-sufficient by learning how to cook and did what she could to care for her younger siblings. Able to avoid the temptation of drugs, she was unable to avoid the realm of teen pregnancy. However, it wasn't your typical sad, teenage story. Her soon-to-be husband was experiencing similar circumstances in which they came together to form a family the best they could at that time. This new found stability ultimately ended as they grew older; making mistakes and realizing perhaps, they rushed marriage at a young age. Despite an intense divorce, they remain on good terms, still striving for that stability and friendship for the benefit of their children as well as themselves. Since childhood, Vycky found one constant in her life; art. Art was a way to cope and express. In the last couple of years, it has also brought pleasure and comfort to others. Whether it's a piece depicting the realities of mental illness to a piece freely expressing human sexuality, she wishes for her clients and customers to feel welcome and healthy. Away from the prying and judgemental eyes of some society groups, she hopes that all who come here feel welcome and free.