About us

Victoria Parrett is the Sole proprietor of Vycky's Illustrations LLC.

Victoria began her journey into art at the young age of 10. It was her father that gave her the foundations of this world. Teaching her how to color and buying her books that taught her how to draw animals. For years, continuing to this day, she used/uses her art to hopefully connect with her clients and others. She uses it to dive into the deeper emotions, helping her process them; as a therapy of sorts. Art helps her explore the unknown, taboo and exiled. To explore that which is denied.


Vycky's Illustrations started out as a Facebook page and eventually as a portfolio website. 2008, Vycky's Illustrations sold locally. Usually as tattoo art or book illustrations. Sometimes a personal request for a few fans. Fast forward to 2023 and Vycky's Illustrations has officially become Vycky's Illustrations LLC. While still new online, Vycky's illustrations still sells locally and has only just begun its online journey. The following is growing and with your help, Vycky's Illustrations LLC can become a stable success. 


Designs and illustrations are now available for digital download. Meaning if you have a print shop locally, you can support your local shop and have your downloads printed on shirts, hoodies, etc. Or you can just set them as wallpapers, even use some for tattoo design! 

Print on demand is also available via redbubble or Teepublic where they have clothing, bags, masks, buttons, stickers and more. 

Be sure to give a like, follow, spread the word or leave a review via Google. Maybe buy a little something for yourself 😊